Monday, November 17, 2014


Who's ready for another Giveaway??
The GDS November Mixology is coming your way
November 24th and one lucky person will randomly be chosen to win my entire collection!
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3 Mini Kits and 3 Extra Packs can be yours by just leaving a comment below!
The lucky winner will be chosen this Monday, November 24 by 8am CST!
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Good luck!

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Are you ready for another amazing Collection?

This month focuses on creativity!
I thought a lot about how my own process works....and what a jumbled mess it can be at times!
Too many many colors, what to do first, what will people like...
(heck...I've never even considered myself a creative person and truly have no clue how I ended up creating digital scrap kits that morphed into Fusion kits!)
So....after staring at the colors for this month I had my "Aha!" moment and "My Creative Mess" was born.

This collection is so much fun!  It's truly a hodgepodge!  
Take a look!
8 wonderful packs you can mix and match...
  or grab them all with just 1 click with my 8 for $8!
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 Take a look at some incredible pages from my Creative Team!
CTM Melly created one using a picture of her daughter's messy room!
(something I definitely would have done but my teenager is cleaning hers now so I can't!)
CTM Trace created one page of some of her daughters art work and another with a few of the
layouts she's created!  Now that's creative!
(but of course...they're ALL creative and I am so thrilled to have these girls on my team!)
Isn't this a fun Collection???   So many possibilities!
And just $1 a pack!
(how could you go wrong??)

I have 2 coordinating goodies for you:
(there were so many things I wanted to add to this I thought I'd turn them into a few Freebies) 
Grab these Big Confetti Scatters right HERE
 Over on my Facebook Page (in the new freebies album) grab these splatters I created!
This time I used different papers instead of plain color!
I can't show you the EXCLUSIVE Newsletter'll have to sign up for that (do it quick right HERE!)!

I hope you enjoy this collection!
I'd LOVE to see your creations so please post them in my
Gotta Pixel Gallery HERE

Have a wonderful week ahead!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mommie Dearest now available at all stores plus new freebies!

And of course....the Bundle!
Save 50% OFF through November 7th during my DSD Celebration!
With a re-release comes a few goodies!
Your Blog Freebie is from CTM Jan!
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I think that's about all for now *grin*!

I hope you are enjoying all the new products!!

Wishing you a super week ahead!

NEW TUTORIAL! How to use Blendits Layered Templates for PSE 12

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone, CTM Mary-Lynne here and I thought I would create an updated version of Robin's great PSE(9) tutorial for using Jill's Blendits Layered Templates.   This is my first tutorial, so I'm cheating and using a lot of the text and format from Jill's Photoshop tutorial.   Just a general warning up front, these templates are VERY addictive!

I'm using Photoshop Elements Version 12 and Windows 7 for this tutorial.

We'll be using Jill's brand new Blendits Layered Template 5 and her Remember When - Fusion Collection for this tutorial.
(you can choose any kit you'd like to compliment the photo or photos you are using!)

All Blendits Templates, Bundles and Jill's Remember When - Fusion Collection are available in all of Jill's stores so grab a copy and follow along!

Let's go!

When you open up your template and you'll see this first:
It's just the top layer with some handy points.  You can delete it or click on the "eye" to hide it.
Beneath is your template:

Now you have 2 choices can hide all the layers and work up from the bottom one by one
(that's what I do so I can see what I'm clipping to easily)
or leave them all visible.
For this particular tutorial I'll be going layer by layer from the bottom up...unhiding as I go!   

Step 1:
You can hide all the layers by ALT/Click on the "eye" of the bottom layer.  That will hide all but the bottom layer.

Drag the first paper onto your template.   I actually decided to leave this one white, but your should feel free to use whatever paper you like.

Step 2:
Unhide your next layer by selecting it and clicking on the layer's "eye".  (see highlight on the eye)

Step 3 (clipping):
Drag your next paper onto your template
(I chose cbj_rememberwhen_paper01)
CTRL + G to clip the paper to the layer below.   By the way, I'm recreating a finished page, so you will see the finish page along with the in progress page in the photo bin.

Unhide the next layer above the paper and repeat Step 3 with your choice of paper.

(I used cbj_rememberwhen_paper05)

Continue to unhide the layers one by one (make sure they're activated before dragging your papers on) and clipping your papers to them.  Feel free to rotate and change the opacity as you like!
You can also create a new layer above one of the Blendits layers and fill with a complimentary color as well...the choice is yours!

So now I've chosen papers and clipped them to my template layers.  One thing I did that that's a little different, is I attached two papers to one of the layers and lowered the opacity on the top one.   Neither color was quite right so I combined them.   (this is why I warned you that these templates  are additive!!!)

You can also see, in the image above, that there is a ink_blot layer and a mask_bottom_copy layer, that I elected to not fill with paper.   Let's start with the ink blot.  You can certainly clip paper to that layer, but there is an ink brushstroke in the collection (cbj_rememberwhen_brushstroke) that I decided to use instead.   So I left the template layer turned off and dropped the brushstroke layer on top of it.   It was a little dark for my taste so I lowered the opacity, till it was perfect!

Next up, the mask_bottom_copy layer.   Once again, you can clip paper to this layer, but I wanted to clip my photo to this layer as well as to the photo_mask layer and the photo layer.   So, three copies of my photo to get varying degrees of opacity.  The bottom mask was just a little too big for my photo, so I made a copy of that layer (CNTL + J) and then resized it, till my photo edges were blurred.  I left the original bottom mask layer turned off.   Here's my layers with three photos.  One clipped to the mask_bottom_copy layer, one clipped to the mask_top: color_paper_or_photo layer and one clipped to the Photo layer.  

Had to show off my gorgeous Daughter and Grand-daughter so I used 100% opacity for the photo mask layer that fits in the frame and lower opacity on the two mask layers to blend the edges.

Finally, we have the gesso layers above the photo.  There is actually some gesso in the collection that you could use instead of the gesso layers, but I love the off white printed paper and thought that would make awesome gesso.  So I grabbed the paper (cbj_rememberwhen_paper03)  and clipped it to both gesso layers.   It was a little to dark for me so I lowered the opacity of the gesso masks.  

We are done with the template!   How cool is this?   Add your elements and you've got a fabulous artsy layout.   I grabbed some awesome elements and alpha from the Remember When collection to complete my layout.

The only rule you need to remember, is that there are no rules!!!   Do whatever suits you and have fun!


Here are a few handy tips to use for templates that have a script or text layer....these can also be applied to any layer in the template as well!
-Clip a solid paper to the layer
-Create a new layer above and fill with a complimentary color then clip
-Leave as is
-Change the Layers Blend Mode to Divide, Soft Light, or Overlay
(these are the main ones I use but feel free to experiment with the others!)
-Reduce the Opacity